Sunday, January 25, 2015


Now comes quiet. All of nature's impulses - the short light, the cold air, the raw emptiness - urge us to turn inward and to rest.

Now is the season of snuggling under downy covers. Now is the season of reclaiming our warmest sweaters and thickest books. Now is the time for settling next to the fire with one dear friend and a steaming mug of tea. Now is the time for afternoon naps.

Some may call us lazy, unfriendly. But we know that this darker season is as necessary as the summer sun. We know that our inner fires require tending, that our bodies need to rest. We understand that just as nature's roots must grow dormant before they can bloom again, so, too, must we sleep.

Let us welcome and protect this quiet. Let us use this season to grow still, to nurture peace, to allow our souls to find their way back home. Let us follow nature's invitation to nestle back into the deepest roots of our lives, so that we may remember who we truly are.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sometimes I fall in love with clouds, he tells me
as we round the corner and drive past the wintry field.
I sigh, and smile, and say, "Oh yes, me, too."

And I fall in love with the trees and the grass.
And the sky so blue it looks like the ocean.
And the ocean, too, of course.

And the stars and the sun and the moon.
And the ones I hold so dear, and
quite possibly even the ones I've never met.

A surge of love moves through me,
and my heart grows as vast as the field
and the sky and the clouds and everything else.

And by the time we are home,
walking through the front door,
I am in love with the whole wide world.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Place your mind in the
same room as your body.

Place your heart in the
same room as your mind.

Place your breath in the
same room as your heart.

Only then will you know
what it means to be whole,

what it means to be present,
what it means to be alive.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Let’s begin the new year with surrender. Let’s fill the empty space before us with ease and softness, with calm and quiet, with peace and silky spaciousness.

Or better yet, let’s not try filling it at all. Let’s just let it be. Let’s relax into what is and accept what comes our way.

Surrender calls us, over and over, to let go. To accept ourselves as we are, to love the world just as it is, to welcome each moment with equanimity and open arms.

Surrender asks us to relinquish tight control over our lives, to settle in, perhaps sometimes even to sink. And it requires faith that despite the letting go, we will be held and nourished by the soft hands of life.

Let’s say yes to sweet surrender. Let’s remember how it feels to be soft and settled, full and free. Let’s walk through the threshold of acceptance that leads us all the way back home to our deepest feelings of contentment and true love.

Monday, January 5, 2015


In the coming year
may you grow softer and more forgiving,
more faithful and less afraid.

May you slow down,
learn to sip more slowly,
know when to rest and simply be.

May your shoulders soften,
your fingers unclench,
and your breath grow deep and easy.

May you remember that
all life blooms in its own time,
in its own beautiful way.

May love and happiness surround you.
And may you always remember
that you are already home.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Infinite Light

In the coming year, may you live
with an ever deepening sense of abundance and ease.
May you see clearly and welcome with open arms
the wealth of love and support that that surrounds you.

May you cherish the simple yet soulful gifts that enliven you:
the sweet smell of jasmine in the garden,
the songs of life that slip through the open window,
the tender voices of those you love.

May you cultivate a life that fills you with possibility and inspiration,
and may you give thanks for all that is bright and true.
May you cherish and nurture your earthly delights,
growing full in their radiance and bounty.

And, while holding close your true and local loves,
may you also cultivate an abundant vision
that embraces an inclusive sense of the world
and reminds you of the deep roots you share with all of life.

May you sense fully the invisible strands that connect us all
and are the source all beings and all skies and seas and suns.
May you cultivate a heart as wide as this world
and a love as vast as the universe.

May your life be an expression of generosity and care.
May you ease suffering where you can,
spread love to everyone, everywhere,
and shine brightly in the name of the infinite light that holds us all.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Welcome all that is new.
Welcome all that is clear.
Welcome all that is possible.

Welcome forgiveness and fresh starts.
Welcome hope and happiness.
Welcome ease and inspiration.

Welcome sweet smiles.
Welcome warm hearts.
Welcome new beginnings.